Friday, 2 March 2012

front cover mock up

I chose to have the image covering the whole front page because it makes it the centre of attention. This is because it draws the reader straight to the picture and by having a little amount of words around the image it enables the reader to connect more to the magazine cover and not get distracted by other images or words surrounding it. I decided to write the text nearer the centre aswell to make the audiences eye be immediately drawn to the centre, which is essentially the cover image and then see the text around it and then be attracted to the magazine and want to read more. The choices of font used were to be impact label and caviar dreams. I chose impact label because its very bold, working with the image to help it jump out of the page. The use of caviar dreams is a much more lighter font therefore contrasting with the bold fonts and image to tone the front cover down. Expressing the boldness of the front cover but also making it less intimidating. I really like the idea of these two fonts together with the image as they fit well and also help to make the front cover very bold and different, making it a magazine cover that would stand out in the magazine industry that has it's own distinct look. Since many magazine covers are bold however they are usually quite packed full of text whereas mine is minimal therefore very different and unconventional.

Contents page second draft and Commentary

I did not plan to have a photoshoot for my contents page as I had already taken the exact pictures in advance. This was because I knew what type of photos I wanted to use when I planned my mock up for it. As I used the same picture for my front cover for one of the pictures of the contents page as it worked well and stood out, I felt it was also a good quality picture. I used a different 'Jenna Blake' picture which is included in the photoshoot for my DPS. The other pictures I used I planned to take and took them so they were ready for the contents page instead of having to take lots of different ones, therefore I took thought in the pictures I used.

Double page spread with Commentary